Iran, Israel and the consequences of military strikes

6925502641_34eb0a93e0_zOpen Briefing, 28 Jun 2012



Current tensions between the Islamic Republic of Iran and key Western governments and Israel are entering singularly dangerous straits. Tehran repeatedly insists it is enriching uranium for peaceful purposes and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has verbally declared nuclear weapons prohibited by Islam. However, Israeli leaders are sceptical of Iran’s intentions and have threatened military action to prevent the birth of the Iranian bomb. Israel’s leaders have argued that if the international community fails to take action through sanctions or diplomacy, Iran will soon enter a “zone of immunity.” Israel’s closest ally, the United States, continues to vacillate between threats and diplomacy, and representatives of the P5+1 (the five members of the UN Security Council and Germany) have secured little from Iran other than the continuation of talks, but are keen on averting a war that could have serious unintended consequences.

Photo: Safoxy

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