Unpublished work and review essays

Diamonds, Corruption and the Predator State in Sierra Leone, Dec 2006

From Exhilaration to Exasperation: Jerusalem as Represented in the Poetry of Judah Halevi and Yehuda Amichai, Jun 2006

Taming the Leviathan: Reassessing a Hegemonic China, May 2005

Essence and Existence: Avicenna and Subsequent Polemics, Jan 2005

From Plowshares to Swords: The Sephardi-Ashkenazi Schism and the Problems of Ethnic Discourse in Israel, Nov 2004

The Haredi-Secular Schism: Engaging the Ultra-Orthodox in Israeli Polity and Society, Sept 2004


Photo: Kevjn Lim, 2015