Grand strategic adjustments in post-Revolutionary Iran: a neoclassical realist account

This monograph examines post-revolutionary Iran’s grand strategy by way of its ‘adjustments’ at three key inflection points, adopting Neoclassical Realism as a theoretical framework to structure the narrative. The author concludes that while Iran’s leaders have over the decades proven the capacity to both reconcile ends and means, and identify and respond to grand strategic threats and opportunities, they have ultimately yet to transcend the vicious circle of self-manufactured challenges.

Big Data and Strategic Intelligence

Big Data analytics is best used to discern long-term developments, generate intelligence hypotheses, and adduce refuting facts. But Big Data should also continue to complement traditional subject-matter expertise, supported by game theory, as part of a tripartite analytical framework for strategic intelligence consisting of ‘subtext’, ‘context’ and ‘metatext’.